Once again DMS attended Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022, this year having as co-exhibitors Dürr Austria and Evon. It is always great to showcase our innovative products and share them with both customers and trade.  
In August 2021 SPIE, an European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, aquired DÜRR Group GmbH.

PFP (Portuguese Railroad Platform) should actively contribute to strengthening cooperation between all players in the railway sector, defining a common strategy for business research and innovation, promoting joint research, development and innovation initiatives and projects, stimulating new businesses and promoting the sector's internationalization. As of 2021 it has been an honour for DMS to join this
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DMS is pleased to receive and share the distinction of innovative company, awarded by COTEC. We congratulate the whole team for their daily effort and dedication and focus on building more and better in the future.  
DMS is an associate of ITS Portugal. This Association aims to provide innovative services of advanced application in transports, in order to make the use of transportation networks safer, more coordinated and smarter.
DMS has once again reinforced its high competitive standards with the PME Líder 2020 award. We will continue to improve daily the work that allowed us to obtain this important distinction.  
ISO 9001 designates a group of technical standards that establish a quality management model for organizations in general, whatever their type or size. DMS has been compliant with these standards and strives to continue the improvement of its all-around quality throughout the upcoming years.  
Keeping up with the pursuit of the highest working standards, DMS renewed once more the attribution of the PME Líder award. Moving upwards and onwards seeking to better ourselves every day.