Smart Cities and Parking

Cities are going smart with our products and solutions for safety and mobility improving.
Smart and dynamic signalling for smarter decisions.
More and better information, in real time, at different spots, to assist people on their daily journey, every day.
Design matters, open standards and interoperability make the difference.

Key Concepts for Key Solutions:

  • Information, signalling, connectivity and interactivity
  • Real time, standard and open interfacing
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Service
  • Low Power Consumption and Green Energy

Solutions for:

  • Variable Message Signs, Dynamic and Electronic Signalling
  • Road Safety and Mobility Integrated Solutions
  • Mobility and information in Public Transport
  • Passenger Information Systems
  • Smart Mobility in a Smart City

Products for:

  • Bus Stop Displays for passenger information.
  • Parking Signs for indoor and outdoor applications, in-street parking management.
  • City VMS – Variable Message Signs for urban streets and smart city applications.
  • Mobile VMS for road works and temporary situations management.
  • On-Vehicle Displays for emergency services, assistance and incident management.
  • Flat VMS for dynamic signalling applications with height restrictions, such as in urban tunnels.
  • Backlit Signs, high quality signage with excellent visibility.

BUS Stop Displays

Parking Signs

Mobile VMS

City VMS


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