Road and Traffic

DMS is all about displaying safety and improving mobility.
Offering a wide range of dynamic signalling equipment for traffic management
and designed to address all kind of road infrastructures and applications.
Its purpose is to increase safety levels, to provide an effective means of conveying useful
information to drivers, lower stress levels and ensure better decisions and mobility.
Quality is not an option, it is a must, following the European standards,
including EN 12966 compliance and certification.

Dynamic signalling in LED technology. Design and Certification according to EN 12966.

Dynamic message signs for road traffic management, allowing a combination of text and graphic messages.
Several solutions available in different technology combinations, colour, matrix displays, sizes and resolutions, namely full matrix, full colour and fully programmable solutions.
Design for a product lifetime of not less than 15 years.
High quality and performance LEDs, with a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours of operation.
Optimized front design, with an ingress protection of IP66, and with improved optical performance by using internal or external lenses layers.
Mechanical construction in aluminium or stainless steel, suitable for all climates and weather conditions, and with internal environmental monitoring and control system.
Self-diagnosis and internal management functions, including fault detection and management, and optimization of energy consumption.

Standard and open interfaces and features

Standard and easy interfacing, local and remote, by means of Ethernet TCP/IP, RS485 / RS232, dry contacts and others available on demand.
Standard and open protocols, namely NTCIP, Sign-XML, Modbus TCP and RTU.
Local wireless interfaces, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, inbuilt in the main controller.
Optical fibre or GSM 5G/4G/LTE available as an option.
Main controller PC based, fully programmable with internal database capabilities.
Option for roadside controller units, webserver embedded, IoT functionality, networking and synchronism features.
Integrable add-ons, namely environmental sensors, GPS, radar units, CCTV, solar panels and battery systems.

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Toll Signs

Mobile VMS


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