Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signs, are electronic and intelligent display panels for road traffic management.

They allow text and graphic variable messages to be combined, resulting in a more effective means of controlling traffic. Other benefits include increases in safety levels, an effective means of conveying useful information to drivers, lower stress levels, better decisions and mobility.

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VMS Vehicle

Mechanically prepared to install in Emergency and Police vehicles.

Integrates GSM / 3G / 4G modem for remote control or loading operating rules.

Graphic display “fullcolor” or “monocolor” with the possibility of several resolutions / dimensions.

VMS Mobile

Application oriented for mobile systems:

Built-in battery with the possibility of several autonomies;
Solar panel with MPT charger for charging the
batteries and increased autonomy;
Integrated computer for management: battery charge,
consumption, synchronization with central system and
information to be presented.

Add-ons and systems interface:

GPS location system;
CCTV, radar and environmental sensors;
Wireless interface for local control.


VMS Cities

City-oriented applications:

Urban design;
Information to the public online and in real time;
Integration with traffic systems, traffic signs
parking, emergency systems, etc;
Local management unit for “Standalone” operation and
implementation of previously established rules.

Add-ons and systems interface:

Real-time clocks & GPS;
CCTV, radar and environmental sensors;
Open protocols and multi-system integration
(XML protocols, traffic lights, etc.).

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